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About me

Hi guys! Here's a little about me. I'm:

  • a (non-tiger) mom
  • an enthusiastic tennis player and fan
  • an owner of two kitties (a mink Tonkinese girl and a marble Bengal boy)
  • a touring classical musician. 

In art terms, I love:
  • letterforms
  • historical references
  • texture
  • and depth. 

I started my art journey as a calligrapher (was published in the Speedball Lettering Textbook, Calligrapher's Engagement Calendar, etc.)...later became an avid stamper (published in The Stamper's Sampler and other Somerset magazines)...and now am off on mixed-media adventures. I'm glad you're along for the ride!

Photo by Lori Karageorgiou for The Rose Ensemble