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Monday, July 4, 2016

ATC (Artist Trading Card) Contest Challenge!

Hello you artsy people!

I've got some artist trading cards featured today over at the Lost Coast Designs Portal to Creativity, where there is a challenge running to win some gift certificates to spend at the LCD stamp store.

Artist trading cards...juicy little pieces of art to trade or give away...I'm amassing a rather nice collection of interesting work by other artists myself this way. Try your hand at it and see what all the fun is about.  :)

Click on the badge to have a look at some artist trading cards by me and other members of the Lost Coast Design team and read the contest rules...then get stamping, and PLAY! You know you want to.  ;)

Your comrade in arms,

P.S. Don't miss a tutorial or notice of a chance to win a prize...follow the blog via e-mail or add me to your feed.  ;)

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