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Saturday, July 2, 2016

It's Christmas in July! Tutorial: Sparkly Holiday Card

It's Christmas in July over at Lost Coast Designs, where our friends with the quirky and amazing stamps are thinking about fab holiday projects to make this winter, from Christmas cards to tags to all manner of festive delights. Wander on over and have a look, get your ho-ho juices flowing, and start thinking about what cards you want to make and send this year.  :D  Enter your projects to win a shopping spree!

My contribution to the festivities is being featured on the Lost Coast Designs Portal to Creativity today! It's this baby here:

This card is all shimmer, sparkle, and glitter. You might have to trust me on that, because it's SO hard to photograph. In person it looks quite rich and festive.

Here's how I made it:

1) On black cardstock, I stamped this leafy frame from LCD, and embossed it with gold powder. (Oooo...shiny!)

2) I then colored it with two shades of green metallic gel pen. There was already some serious light leaping off the page!

3) I took my figure, this angel from Lost Coast Designs, and stamped it on white stock with a gloss finish so that the focal point would have maximum strength against the busy frame. After fussy-cutting the image out, I highlighted the angel with gold and silver metallic gel pens, and gave her (his? its?--I think angels are supposed to be genderless) garment a light wash of glistening powder in Perfect Pearls Heirloom Gold. S/he/it was now blinding white and shimmery, which is just how you expect an angel to be in real life, right?

4) To maximize the Christmassyness (and yes, I make up words as a matter of habit; don't judge), I added some berries made of red metallic gel pen and red Stickles. I mounted the angel with some dimensional foam so s/he/it would pop off the background even more in all her/his/its white brilliance.

5) Next up, I needed a sentiment. I wrote the words "Christmas Time" ('cause she's holding a clock--get it? Christmas Time?? A HA HA HA) with a bullet-tipped embossing marker and embossed the words in more gold powder. (Oooo...shiny!)  (You will notice that I was a good girl and remembered to use my pounce pillow so as not to get little flecks of stray powder glistening where they were not wanted. [purrs in self-satisfaction] )

6) Now I mounted the whole thing together on a layer of sparkly black glitter paper, then on still heavier plain black cardstock, the edges of which I embossed with black powder. (Oooo...shiny!!!!)

The finished product looks something like this.

So...what are you making for Christmas?  :)  Come on, tell me in the comments below. I wanna hear.

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Paula F
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