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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mini Gallery: Ladies of the French Revolution

Here's a series of three ATCs I did that all feature eighteenth-century ladies in elaborate hats and embossing powder "seals" that I thought seemed reminiscent of how letters used to be sealed with wax.

Another thing that ties this series together is the use of a particular shade of Twinkling H20s, a shimmery watercolor paint. The shade is called "Scarab Beetle" and it is an "interference" color, meaning that it looks like one color when light hits it a certain way, and a different color when viewed from a different angle--in this case, the two metallic colors are a kind of pinkish copper and an olive color. Really gorgeous in person...reminiscent of soie changeante, a French silk that looks different in different lights.  :)

I. "Un Chapeau Magnifique"

II. "Au Bal III"

III. "Secrets of the Fan"


  1. Stunning, as usual for you, Paula dear! I must order some of the Scarab Twinkling H2O...it is ah-mazing!

  2. These are so beautiful Paula!

  3. Thanks very much, ladies! I love seeing your comments. :) Donetta, if you do get some Scarab Beetle, I would LOVE to see what you do with it! I just ordered another set of colors of Twinkling H20s and expect you might be seeing more of these fun little paints in some upcoming projects...